Cash App Transfer Failed

How To Fix Cash App Transfer Failed

There are a lot of reasons why you would see the “this transfer failed” in the Cash App. Among those reasons the most common ones are:

Why Cash App Transaction Failed This Time?

  • Invalid card credentials: Please check the card credentials entered in Cash App.
  • Wrong Amount: Please ensure that you have entered the amount correctly in Cash App before proceeding with a transfer. Also, please ensure that you only send money using numbers; symbols such as $ or dashes (-) will not be accepted and will cause a Cash App Transfer Failed.
  • Non-transferable currency: Please ensure that you are sending money in the correct currency; Do not send or receive altcoins or another cryptocurrency currently not listed on MasterCard, VISA, or debit networks.
  • External charge: Please make sure to avoid sending cash from any bank within the same network. For example, if you send from your Wells Fargo account to a Wells Fargo savings account, that money will be considered an external charge and Cash App will block it.
  • Send Limit Reached: If the cash limit for your Cash Card has been reached, you may need to wait until this bounce limit is reset (every 24 hours for most cards).
  • Amount above your Cash Savings Limit: If you have set the Auto-Save feature in Cash App to “ON”, you may need to set the Cash amount limit before sending money.
  • Personal identification (SECA) verification: In some countries, users are required to verify their identity through personal documents such as IDs or passports. Please check with your local authorities if you have any questions regarding this process or have issues with it.
  • Verification Issues: There might be issues regarding your account’s verification status, please double-check and follow the instructions provided by our support team.

This sums up the reasons why Cash App transfer failed. Kindly note that the application shares a large number of reasons and there is no accurate way to solve such reasons individually.

How To Fix When Your Cash App Transfer Failed

Now that we have seen valid reasons why this is caused, looking for a solution should be our first pick.

  • Enter the right credentials: Please ensure that you have entered the correct card credentials and that the card’s CVV is valid.
  • Restart the app: Please restart your device, launch the app and try again.
  • Double check: Before speaking to our support team, please double-check if a smaller amount can be transferred because this would reveal a problem with entering the correct amount or currency in your Cash App account. Restarting your device would get rid of this problem as well.
  • Contact our support team: If the issue persists and you have made sure that you haven’t entered any wrong card information, please contact our support team for further help.
  • Have a sufficient amount to transfer: Please make sure that you have a sufficient amount of money to transfer.
  • Set the correct currency: To troubleshoot this issue, we recommend checking the currency you are sending or receiving. Please check which currency you are using and ensure that the right one is used.
  • Correct amount: The issue can also be caused by a mistyped amount when entering your card credential or when inputting your card number incorrectly. Please double-check again before contacting us with our support team as it will take a bit more time for us to help you with this problem and fix it.
  • Credit card verification: Please check with your local authorities if you have any questions regarding this process or have issues with it.
  • Contact the sender: A problem on the sending side can be solved by contacting the sender (the person who has sent you money via Cash App) and asking them to manually input the amount again.
  • Use a different device: If we still don’t receive a response from the sender, we would ask you to use a different device and/or contact them again to get them to input their amount.

Some FAQ’s about cash app transfer failed

How long does it take to fix the transfer failed issue?

The process usually takes less than 24 hours but can vary depending on the problem. For the most common issues, we will have them fixed within a few hours. For outstanding issues, we may need to wait for more information and a resolution.

When is it right to contact customer service regarding the transfer fail issue?

For the most common transfer issue, we recommend you to use the in-app “Contact Support” feature and our team will see your message immediately. If it is not urgent, please wait a few hours and check if your issue has been fixed already.

How did I get the error “cash app transfer failed”?

It can be caused by a problem on sending side or receiving side, please check above.
The issue can be caused by the cash app as well; it’s possible that you have entered the wrong card information or entered your card number incorrectly. We recommend that you try the different solutions listed above to send transfers again if you confirm the cause of your problem.

Will the issue be fixed if I use my bank’s online payment service and have not yet confirmed the transaction?

If you have been able to confirm your transaction through our website, please contact us using the in-app “Contact Support” feature. If it is not urgent, please wait a few hours and check if your issue has been fixed already.

How do I know what would fix the error “cash app transfer failed”?

The most common reasons for issues with transferring money via Cash App are listed in the above section. Please check with customer service regarding these issues if they are out of hand.

Does the customer service team know what kind of issues customers would face when trying to make cash app transfer?

They know how valuable their users are and how important they are to them so they do their best to solve your problems as quickly as possible. However, in some cases, they can’t provide a specific response and need to check with their team or the bank that issued you your card.


Cash App is a multi-platform mobile app that allows users to send and receive money between one another using a mobile phone or desktop computer. If the transfer has failed and you have followed the above steps, please contact your bank for more information regarding your account. For now, if you have an issue with the way of sending and receiving money, contact us using the in-app “Support” or “Contact Support” button.

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